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Tips for Construction

As storm water flows over a construction site, it picks up pollutants like sediment, debris and chemicals. Below are some simple steps the construction industry can do to help reduce water pollution in our community:

  • Eliminate track out. Donít drive or park on the lots.
  • Keep loose dirt and mud off sidewalks, gutters and streets. Sweep and remove sediments from paved areas regularly.
  • Implement and maintain inlet protection.
  • Clearly identify a protected, lined area for washouts so that the runoff won't enter gutters, streets and storm drains. Do not rinse masonry, paint, stucco or concrete equipment in the street.
  • Store all materials (sand, gravel, etc.) at least four feet behind the gutter or sidewalk.
  • Install site perimeter control.

Click here for a PDF of the EPA poster "Storm Water and the Construction Industry" with specific information on planning and implementing erosion and sediment control practices.

For more information, call the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District at (559) 456-3292 or visit www.fresnofloodcontrol.org.