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Tips for Residents

Below are some great pollution prevention practices that you and your family can do around the house to help keep our water resources clean.

Car Fluids

Inspect your car regularly to prevent and repair leaks. Don't dump motor oil down storm drains! Recycle motor oil and auto fluids.

Home and Garden

Maintaining our homes and gardens is necessary, but overusing chemicals to do so isn't. Buy only less-toxic products in needed amounts and use sparingly. Avoid using lawn and garden products when rain is forecasted! Take any unused products to a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event.


Give the wastewater treatment facility a break and think twice before you put stuff down the drain. Scrape your leftover food into the garbage can, or better yet a compost bin, rather than using the garbage disposal.

The following items should be bagged and put in the trash rather than put down the drain:

  • Greases & oils
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Fruit & vegetable peels
  • Excess food


Litter hurts our community. It contaminates our water resources and clogs storm drains causing floods in our neighborhoods. Be sure to properly dispose of garbage and cigarette butts! For more information on litter control, go to www.donttrashcalifornia.info.


Paint keeps our homes looking beautiful, but it has an ugly effect on our water. Never wash paints into the gutter or dump on the ground! Rinse water-based paintbrushes in sinks. Avoid oil-based paint! Take any unused products to a HHW collection event.

Accidental Spills

Cover hazardous material spills auto fluids, paint thinner, etc. - with kitty litter, then sweep up and take it to a HHW collection event. Never hose spills into the gutter!

The Resources page includes links to a downloadable brochure and web pages on used motor oil collection sites and HHW collection events.